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Soccer Foul Compilation: Foul or no foul?

Let’s review some video clips and make the simple decision… foul or no foul?

(Adjust playback speed of the video using the Gear symbol on the bottom toolbar to slow the action down.)

If you think it’s a foul, can you identify the offense?

  • Charging
  • Jumping at
  • Kicking OR attempts to kick
  • Pushing
  • Striking OR attempts to strike
  • Tackling or challenging
  • Tripping OR attempts to trip

For these seven direct free kick fouls, from Law 12, we are judging “Did one player commit a foul that was at least careless, or possibly reckless or excessive?” Pg 103, IFAB Laws of the Game 2019-20

“Careless is when a player shows a lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge or acts without precaution.” (Foul)

“Reckless is when a player acts with disregard to the danger to, or the consequences for an opponent and must be cautioned.” (Foul + Yellow Card)

“Using excessive force is when a player exceeds the necessary use of force and/or endangers the safety of an opponent and must be sent off.” (Foul + Red Card)

In this video, you may also see

  • Holding (this is not careless/reckless/excessive—a player either holds unfairly or doesn’t hold unfairly)
  • Playing in a dangerous manner (a foul punishable by an indirect free kick)


  • Could both players play the ball? (or was the ball gone already, or does a player fail to play the ball and only contact the other player)

  • If there is physical contact, where is the contact? What is the nature of the contact? Can the player affected by the physical contact continue to play the ball?

  • Does a player commit themselves to an “out of control” maneuver and thus cannot stop themselves from a collision?  Is this at least a careless act, and probably a reckless one?
  • Can the opponent see them, or is there a challenge that is dangerous to the opponent because they don't know its coming?
  • Does the player make a physical maneuver that intimidates the opponent with a threat of injury? Without contact, would this be “playing in a dangerous manner” at a minimum?

  • If the challenging player fails to win the ball, is it reasonable to assume they will collide with the opponent?

  • If the challenging player wins the ball, is it reasonable to expect that they will STILL collide with the opponent? Is this fair?

Print out this score sheet, fill it out as you watch the videos, take a picture of it, and txt it to Travis at 360-580-1143 if you'd like feedback.

Ok, let’s watch the video…Foul or No Foul.


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